What is All Being Well?

All Being Well is an open online resource on the latest well-being research and policy.  Each week, it features a new 20-minute video interview with the author of a recent research paper or well-being report.  The interviews are intended for a wider audience, with a focus on well-being researchers and policymakers.

Why aren’t my comments appearing?

We have to approve comments on an individual basis in order to keep the site spam free.  We will only approve comments that include a full name and a real email address.  If your comment doesn’t show up within a day or so, that may be why.  Please contact us if you have any questions.

How do I suggest participants for All Being Well?

Contact us via email: contact@allbeingwellblog.com

Are interviews available as video podcasts?

The videos are available on the website and RSS feed via YouTube.  You can subscribe to the RSS feed here or to the YouTube channel here.

How do I watch the interviews on my mobile device?

The easiest way would be to subscribe to the RSS feed or YouTube channel (see above).

Are audio versions of the interviews available?

Unfortunately not at the moment, but this is something we will consider if there is enough demand for it.  If this is something that you would like to see happen then please do get in contact via email: contact@allbeingwellblog.com

Who created All Being Well?

The blog was set up by Dr. Sam Wren-Lewis, with the help of funding from the University of Leeds.  Sam recently completed his PhD at the IDEA CETL, University of Leeds, on the measurement of happiness and well-being.  He is now the project manager of the Happy City Index Project – the world’s first comprehensive citywide measure of well-being, being piloted in Bristol, UK, in 2015.

How is it funded? 

Funding from the University of Leeds helped set up the blog.  We are now looking for further sources of funding to sustain and grow the project.